How to print on black and colored T-Shirts - White Underbase in DTG Tutorial
Transparent background for Direct to Garment T-shirt Printing Tutorial
Print on Demand or Buy a DTG Printer? In this video, we try to help one of our community members who wrote us an Email with a few questions. She wanted to know if she should stick with her successful print...
In this video, we talk about screen printing vs. direct to garment printing: How they work, what their pros and cons are and how you can decide which printing method you should use.
Watch our newest video: Five reasons for washability problems in Direct to Garment printing and what you can do about it.
We contributed another article to the current issue of Images Magazine UK. We talk about why top quality direct to garment prints start with top quality artwork and talk about two common mistakes when choosing graphic files. 
In this extensive guide to Direct to Garment printing, we collect answers to the most frequent questions about DTG printing.
Magazine article about how to choose the best garments for DTG printing.
Video about the three most common problems in DTG (Direct to Garment) printing.
We just released our Online Course DTG Printing Fundamentals, the Direct to Garment Printing training we wish we had when we were starting our careers in this business.

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