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Typical T-shirt Design Problems in DTG / POD

In this video, we talk about common T-Shirt design problems in DTG (direct to garment printing) we often notice. We mention Direct To Garment printing (DTG) because this is the printing method of choice of many Print-On-Demand (POD) platforms. You can never...

Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial – Design Faster for DTG

In this Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial, we show how you can use the symmetry tool to make t-shirt designs faster for DTG (direct to garment printing). Moreover, in this Procreate tutorial, we have again invited Maggi to help and share with...

How to print on black and colored T-Shirts – White Underbase in DTG

How to print on black and colored T-Shirts - White Underbase in DTG Tutorial

Create 100 T-Shirt Designs in 10 Minutes with Photoshop Variables

T-Shirt Designs With Photoshop Variables In this Photoshop T-Shirt design tutorial, we explain how you can scale your Tee Shirt designs and create 100 images in less than 10 minutes. We are showing how you can use Photoshop variables and how you have...

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