TVP Magazine: DTG printheads Overview

Our cooperation with the German magazine TVP continued, and in the current issue, we contributed an article about printheads for direct-to-garment printing. We give an overview of how they work, some technical information and also how to treat and maintain the printhead to maximize its life.

Direct-to-garment printers are made up of many parts, from cables to pallets to circuit boards. But one part can definitely be called the heart of the DTG printer: the printhead. Or rather, the printheads, since there are several installed. The printheads are by far the most complex parts of a printer. Although they vary in functionality, size, and quality level, they all have one thing in common: they all shoot ink droplets onto a substrate in a controlled manner to create images.

Here you can find the PDF of the article. It is only in the German language. 

PS: If you want even more information on this topic, we talk about it in detail in our online course on DTG printing.