Ask DTGMerch #7 – DTG vs. Screen Printing

1) DTG vs. Screen Printing

The question for this Ask DTGMerch #7 video was posted on our YouTube channel:

“Can you create a pro and con about DTG vs. Screen Printing and the use of the color white?”

Since we have already covered the topic of white ink in a few other videos, I’ll just post the links where you can find them here and here.

Then in this article, we will just go over the pros and cons of DTG vs. Screen Printing.


2) The pros and cons of DTG vs Screen Printing

Screen printing and DTG printing are two of the most common methods for printing on T-shirts.

Both printing methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Which is the right choice for your business or designs?
If I had to boil the pros and cons down to the essentials, my answer would be this:

Advantages – DTG

  1. No color restrictions, ideal for photo-realistic designs
  2. Good for short runs and samples
  3. Easy to set up.

Disadvantages – DTG

  1. Steep learning curve.
  2. Not suitable for all materials
  3. Not ideal for spot colors like Pantone colors.

Advantages – Screen Printing

  1. More choice of fabrics
  2. Low cost for longer runs
  3. You can print spot colors. Like glitter and neon.

Disadvantages – Screen Printing

  1. Usually high initial cost
  2. Not suitable for short runs.
  3. Setup time

3) Final Word

Technically, both printing methods work well in different ways.

Ultimately, you can decide depending on the type of design you want to print, the number of jobs, and of course, your budget.

4) That’s all for a while!

This is the brief overview of DTG vs Screen Printing.

For more details, check out our online DTG Printing Fundamentals course. You can find the link to it in the description below.

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