Ask@DTGMerch #2 – What is RIP software, and why do you need it?

Black t-shirt with print on. An IPad with a black and white artwork of the print.
1 – Ask@DTGMerch #2 – What is RIP software, and why do you need it?

Recently, we received an email with another question we often hear:

– What is RIP software, and do I really need it for DTG printing?

We know RIP software is expensive, and it can feel overwhelming and complicated.
Next, we will take a look at the answer to that question.

2 – So… what’s the deal with this RIP software? 

First things first: RIP stands for Raster Image Processing. A simple way to explain the basic function of RIP software is that it converts images files into a format that the printer can read. 


In addition, it has a few other features. For example, most basic versions can automatically create the white underbase, do basic image editing, set the size and placement of the design, and calculate the cost of each print. 

3 – Do you really need this? 

The answer is clearly yes! 

Almost all DTG printers need some kind of RIP software to feed them data. 

However, keep the following in mind: Training is essential, and the learning curve can be quite steep, especially if you want to create printer profiles. But it pays to invest time and energy in it. 

4- Where can I learn more?

We have a number of online courses that you may find helpful. 

Introduction to DTG Printing 

How to Put Your Art on a t-shirt.

Also, “The Complete Guide to DTG Printing.” blog post.

5 – In closing:

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Until then, all the best, take care and be good!

The DTGMerch Team