How we design T-Shirts – Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial

How we design T-Shirts – Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial

Did you ever want to know how we create T-Shirt designs for direct to garment printing? Then you are in for a treat! Have a look at this new Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial!

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Our T-Shirt design process

In this episode, we have a guest, Maggi. She is going to show us her drawing process in Procreate. In this T Shirt design tutorial, she will go through all the steps necessary to create this type of digital art: inking, sketching, and coloring. T-Shirt designs like this are perfect for direct to garment printing and can be used for print on demand platforms like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt or Redbubble.

Speed Painting in Procreate

We uploaded another video where you can see the complete drawing process of this T-Shirt design in Procreate. You will see each step of sketching, inking and coloring this Shirt illustration.


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