Ask DTGMerch #12 – Why do I need Different Pallets?

1 – The question:

Do I need a different pallet for t-shirts, polo shirts and other articles? Why?

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Now let us take a look at why you need different pallets in your print shop.


2 – The Answer:

When working with different garments, sizes and materials, the first thing you need is a proper pallet to hold the material in place.

The right pallet for each garment and size makes printing on DTG machines as easy as possible.

3 – Match the Job with the pallet:

By matching the job to the appropriate pallet, make sure you have a flat surface and no seams or other obstructions such as buttons or zippers in the way that could damage your printer, print head or both.

Another benefit is that the print on each product is optimised

For example, if you have a separate pallet for women’s t-shirts, you will get the best print quality and print size. If you were to try to print this t-shirt on a standard size pallet, you would have to stretch the fabric, which would also result in a skewed print. If you try to print the women’s shirt on a smaller children’s pallet, you would not stretch the garment, but you would be limited to a smaller print size

So always choose the size that works best for your job.

These days, there are several options from each supplier. From standard garment holders, hoodies, sleeves to caps and shoe pallets for your machine.

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