7 Software Options For T-Shirt Design

In our latest YouTube video (embedded below) we talk about seven software options or apps that you can use for a T-Shirt design in 2020. We ranked them from our least to our absolute favorite.

We included options for beginners and pros. No matter if you just started your clothing line from scratch from your home, if you design for Print on Demand platforms like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt, or Redbubble or if you already have a flourishing direct to garment T-Shirt printing business, we are sure one of those options will work for you.

Depending on the strengths of the programs, we explain which one you can use to create different types of designs: from typography T-Shirts all the way to digital art and Tshirt illustrations.

We are going to show you how you can use online tools like Canva, Wordrabbit, or Merch Informer, free design software like Krita or Gimp, or more professional options like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. We are also talking about how you can create T-Shirts for print on demand with Procreate.

We also talk about the workflow that we use to create T-Shirt designs.

But to be successful with T-Shirt designs, it does not matter too much which program you choose in the end. What helps you more to run a successful Tee Business is to put in the work regularly and keep on designing.