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In this video, we have a quick look at the wash and care labels in DTG Business and why you should pay close attention when you are printing T-Shirts with Direct to Garment printing (DTG).

Let’s imagine that you are a random customer and you ordered a printed T-Shirt. You are already super-excited. It finally arrives, the design looks amazing, and you immediately put it to wash so you can start wearing it. You check the label, put it in the washing machine, and… the print disappears. Or cracks. Or fades. What happened? And how can you avoid it?

Obviously, this is not nice for you as a customer. But, it’s also not nice for you as a printer. Returns are costly, and unhappy customers can cause long-lasting damage to your reputation.

As you may know, with direct to garment printing you print directly on the garment. Which is, for example, a T-Shirt. But there is one tiny little thing that many overlook. And this is…. the washing label!


When was the last time you checked the labels inside the garments you are printing on?

In this video, we talk about the information on the care/composition labels found in every t-shirt and why this can be dangerous for DTG printers. So, let’s find out how we can manage the Wash and Care Labels in DTG Business.

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