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Everson received the Idealliance CMP Fundamentals Certification
A simple way to make the printed T-Shirt look better and save money at the same time.
Why you should remove the background of your design and get a better value for your printed t-shirt.
Processes on how to design t-shirts that sell.
Fabric types and compositions explained.
The history of the origin of the t-shirt and the printed t-shirt, in a brief overview.
We ordered a test print of one of our designs. There‘s a few things we liked, and a few we didn‘t like. But we know how to fix it.
Did you know that the labels in your garments can be ticking time bombs? If you are buying readymade T-Shirts to print on: When was the last time you checked the labels inside the garments?
DTG Merch is featured in the latest issue of the TVP Magazine from Germany.
The next episode of our "Direct to Garment Printing Knowledge Series" in the TVP Magazine is now available. In the current issue, we wrote about the most common design errors in DTG printing. You can download and read the article here...

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