Transparent background for Direct to Garment T-shirt Printing

In this Direct to Garment Printing T-Shirt design tutorial, we discuss why you need to create a transparent background for Direct to Garment T-shirt printing designs.

And most importantly, also which problems you can create if you don’t.

In theory, the design is printed in CMYK only as long as you use only white T-Shirts.

In theory, as long as you print on white T-Shirts, the design is printed in CMYK only. For instance, on a white T-Shirt, no white ink will be used.


The white T-Shirts, most of the time, are printed with colors (CMYK inks) only and all the white parts are automatically removed.

Meaning that the image white parts are automatically „ignored“. However, the problem starts when you want to print on colored or black garments. Let’s find out why shall we?

Above all, make sure to stick around until the end where we share four tips that can help you create T-Shirt designs that look great once printed.

In addition, we will talk about the topic of white underbase in direct to garment printing, in the upcoming video of next week. And that topic is very closely tied to this one. So, make sure not to miss that video, therefore subscribe to our channel, and hit that notification bell!

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