Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial – Design Faster for DTG

In this Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial, we show how you can use the symmetry tool to make t-shirt designs faster for DTG (direct to garment printing). Moreover, in this Procreate tutorial, we have again invited Maggi to help and share with us some design tips and tricks.

She explains why you should use the symmetry effect, which kinds of designs work well with it, and how you can use it to create fast and extremely precise designs.

Then, since Halloween is around the corner, we created a Dia de Los Muertos T-Shirt design. This Design Faster for DTG technique can be used for all t-shirt designs and not only for direct to garment printing (DTG). You can apply this Design Faster for DTG technique for other printing methods and also for print on demand (POD) platforms.

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