Set up Design Files for POD / DTG: 1 – Resolution

Set up Design Files for POD / DTG: 1 – Resolution

In this video, the first part of our series where we explain how to set up t-shirt design files for direct to garment printing (DTG), which is the printing method used by most print-on-demand (POD) platforms like Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Teespring, or Printful.

This topic is divided into several videos because there’s a large amount of knowledge we need to share with you. This week, on Set up Design Files for POD / DTG Series we will talk about resolution and image size.

Should you set up your tee shirt design files in 72dpi? Or 300ppi? Or in inches?

How is all of this connected? Let’s find out!

In addition to all that, here you can find Maggi’s tutorial on how to vectorize your pixel designs on the iPad only:

In the next videos of this series, we will talk about, whether you should create your designs in CMYK or RGB, which design elements you can use, how you can enhance the colors of your designs and how to correctly export the files. We will also share a few tips and tricks that will make your designs look better.

– So… how are image size, pixels, and resolution connected?

– Let’s find out!

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