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Adobe Illustrator for iPad

DTGMerch Review: Adobe Illustrator for iPad  Adobe finally released their version of Illustrator for the iPad, and we have been looking forward to testing it. Adobe illustrator is for many years a favorite of T-Shirt designers to create vector designs....
We are proud to announce that our blog about T-Shirt printing and T-Shirt design is finally online.
Watch our newest video: Five reasons for washability problems in Direct to Garment printing and what you can do about it.
The next episode of our "Direct to Garment Printing Knowledge Series" in the TVP Magazine is now available. In the current issue, we wrote about the most common design errors in DTG printing. You can download and read the article here...
DTG Merch Lets go to ITMA Barcelona banner. Yellow background with tropical fruits in it and purple coiour lettering

ITMA 2019

DTG Merch is visiting ITMA in 2019
In this video, we talk about screen printing vs. direct to garment printing: How they work, what their pros and cons are and how you can decide which printing method you should use.
Why you should remove the background of your design and get a better value for your printed t-shirt.
We did another collaboration with the Images Magazine UK. We are featured in their DTG Helpdesk in the December 2019 issue.
We just released our Online Course DTG Printing Fundamentals, the Direct to Garment Printing training we wish we had when we were starting our careers in this business.
Magazine article about how to choose the best garments for DTG printing.

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