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Do I Have to Pretreat Every T-Shirt?
We ordered a test print of one of our designs. There‘s a few things we liked, and a few we didn‘t like. But we know how to fix it.
In this article, we'll discuss why this is and give you some tips on how you can increase color accuracy as a designer and as a printer.
Magazine article about how to choose the best garments for DTG printing.
Fabric types and compositions explained.
1 - Ask@DTGMerch #2 - What is RIP software, and why do you need it? Recently, we received an email with another question we often hear: - What is RIP software, and do I really need it for DTG printing? We know...
Direct-to-garment printing is changing the apparel industry. Market demand is different from a few years ago, with buzzwords such as fast fashion and sustainability at the forefront of the new movements. One of DTG printing's great strengths lies precisely in...
We are proud to announce that our blog about T-Shirt printing and T-Shirt design is finally online.
Everson received the Idealliance CMP Fundamentals Certification
The first DTG Merch EBook release.

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