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ITMA 2019

DTG Merch is visiting ITMA in 2019
In this video, we have a quick look at the wash and care labels in DTG Business and why you should pay close attention when you are printing T-Shirts with Direct to Garment printing (DTG). Let’s imagine that you are...
DTG Merch is featured in the latest issue of the TVP Magazine from Germany.
In this video, we talk about two main topics. Five Tips for Q4 is the first topic. And the next one is how to prepare your Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing Business, for the busiest time of the year. The...
Fabric types and compositions explained.
We ordered a test print of one of our designs. There‘s a few things we liked, and a few we didn‘t like. But we know how to fix it.
The first DTG Merch EBook release.
So, which articles can you print with Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)? When people think of direct to garment printers, they usually think about printing on T-Shirts, maybe sweatshirts. But did you know that there are other items that you...
Magazine article about how to choose the best garments for DTG printing.
In this article, we talk about some advantages and disadvantages of DTG printing.

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